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CD supporters and costs


Dates: 24-26th October 2018 

Rehearsal: 23rd 2018

Absolute minimum:

Hall, Producer, Pianist, Designer & printing, Photographer, PR: £7,084

Trinity school Recital Hall: £1120 

£500 per day 

£85 tuning 

Free piano usage - under t 

So altogether: £1755 + possibly piano usage on top

Producer:  £2000 (incl VAT)

Graphic design and printing: = £1,052

8-page booklet (including covers):

- Graphic design fee: £250.00


- 8-page booklet and tray card in full colour

page can contain 310-320 words

- CD body in full colour

- cellophane wrapping

- delivery to one UK address

£802 total price (500 copies)

Pianist: £762 (including fundraising recital)

Possible distribution through Naxos:


PR:£1400 (without PR for concerts)

John S. Cronin

Music & Media Consulting Limited
3 Cypress Close
Cambridgeshire UK
PE15 0LE

44-(0)7774-426966 (mobile)


Photographer: £750

Konstantin Suslov |ARPS
+44 (0) 75 010101 75 


Полдня сьемок у нас стоит £750, здесь же включены 4ч обработки. 


Linda Spielman: 

Boulevard Heuvelink 56
6828 KS Arnhem
The Netherlands

Siobhan Cosgrove £20 via PayPal sent

27 Swanmore Road. Ryde. Isle of Wight. PO33 2TG

Jon Gudmunson £75 lesson and CD - not sent yet

John Rayworth 300

Gillian Rayworth 300


Nick Lampert £150 (already transferred)

Reward: £150 or more - signed poster + thank you video + 2 signed CD before the Official release+ invitation to the VIP release party!


Johannes Crol 250€ transfer to main account  (£210.67 after the exchange)


Carol from Appleby sent cheque of £50

Hugh Mather and Felicity £100 (already transferred)


Yu-Ya 75 lesson (transferred to main Lloyd’s account) 

Arun 75 lesson transferred to bank 

Yvonne Tse 75 lesson - Transferred to PayPal but with the PayPal deduction (-£9)

Linda Spielman £60 via PayPal - music and CD - transferred 


Fiona Durby £75 via PayPal - lesson and CD

Mark Mills 20 + postage (3.75) sent a cheque) 

Les Hallais, Chemin des grottes, 53270 St Pierre sur Erve, France

Jun Sasai £60 via PayPal (lesson and music)

Nano Nolan £20 via PayPal 


Courtenay Hardy £300 cash - name on CD or lesson & copy of Vitali? 


Richard Shaw £50 or £100? (not sent yet)


Maurice and Edith from Switzerland £81.45 (£85.68 plus PayPal charge) PayPal

Viv McLean £100 from the Carlisle payment - support for my CD


Musicians Company £100 to CD (with the other £100 for me and another £100 for Joseph) 



Altus $3000 (invoice sent)

Just Flutes for pianist (£762) (transferred)




Hugh Philips (yes) (just wrote again)



Andrew Forsyth

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